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Mayang Sari Express Bus Reviews

Mayang Sari Express Bus Reviews

About Mayang Sari Express

Mayang Sari is a reliable express bus operating company based in Malaysia. The company, under the ownership of Aerosystem Tours and Travel, has been in service since 1993. Starting from two buses, they have expanded their services to a fleet of over 100 buses. Their services have made them so popular that they have about 12 branches all over Malaysia with its headquarters in Muar.

The Mayang Sari bus review shows that affordable price, comfortable, and convenient travel experience have made it into an in-demand bus operator in the Peninsular area of Malaysia.

The significance of ratings and reviews

At the end of each travel, the passengers can 'rate' their experience by marking the number of stars from 1-5. Others can check out these ratings to see how good or bad the bus company's services are. Providing reviews, along with ratings, explains the factors that prompted passengers to give the said ratings.

For example, say someone provided the Mayang Sari Express bus review with 3 stars and a few words explaining the best and worst things about their travel experience with this operator. It reflects the rate against the operator so that the others can see and decide for themselves.

More reviews mean reliable information on the services. Moreover, each of the star ratings is highlighted and visible to all. A bus operator with an average rating of 3 stars or above fares better. Anything below 3 shows poor service provided by an operator.

Advantages of viewing bus ratings on redBus

The general comfort, safety, and convenience are major deciding factors determining bus operators' success and popularity. The ratings and reviews showcase the passengers' hands-on experience.

At redBus, you will find that the ratings are visible against each bus operator's names while booking a bus ticket. Moreover, the rating tab will show the average star rating and the number of reviews provided for each operator. It helps the passenger in picking the better-rated operator for their trip. For instance, by clicking on the rating button of Mayang Sari Express review, they can see the feedback provided by fellow passengers in the past and note the expected ups and downs.

How to leave a rating for Mayani Sari Express on redBus?

At the end of each travel, redBus sends a link for a feedback form through email or SMS so that the passengers can fill in the details about their experience. Giving feedback is optional, but providing it can help others make an informed decision for their trips. Once you give the rating and write the review and submit it, it will reflect on the average rating on redBus.

Types of buses offered by Mayang Sari Express

Mayang Sari Express offers budget-friendly options for travelers in the form of three types of buses.

  • Most expensive SVIP buses
  • Near-luxury Standard buses
  • Cheapest of all Economy buses with just the basic travel amenities

Although all three bus types operate in all routes, their availability is dependent on the rush.

What is best about Mayang Sari Express?

With its higher number of buses, Mayang Sari bus covers almost all the major cities in Malaysia. Their services are available in Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Perlis, Merlimau, Muar, Penang, and Pontian. Even if it is the remotest place in Malaysia, Mayang Sari buses are likely to reach. Having multiple buses and numerous routes ensure overall comfort for the passengers, especially for the daily commuters.

How do I submit a review on Mayang Sari Express?

redBus follows the motto of always finding ways to improve every customers' travel experience with Mayang Sari Express. And though redBus has nearly perfected this model, there is always room for improvement. This is why a customer’s voice matters. The “Ratings & Reviews” tab on the redBus website offers an insight into a passenger’s journey with Mayang Sari Express.

A customer can give a review once they have completed their bus journey. An email or push notification would be sent to the customer after their journey where the customer can rate their experience with Mayang Sari Express. This information would not only help the operator and redBus improve their service but would also help potential travelers make an informed decision when booking their bus tickets online.

Mayang Sari Express Bus Routes & Timings

RouteFirst BusLast Bus
Pontian to Muar08:3019:00BOOK NOW
Kuala Lumpur to Batu pahat03:3023:30BOOK NOW
Penang to Kuala Lumpur00:0023:59BOOK NOW
Muar to Johor bahru07:3020:30BOOK NOW
Malacca to Klang08:3020:15BOOK NOW


Q: I have bought my ticket in redBus in Mayang Sari Express and I have already made my trip, how can I publish my review?
A: The process is very simple. After making your trip, you'll receive an email to leave a review of the company Mayang Sari Express. Just refresh your inbox, open the mail and fill it up.
Q: In case of a problem, how do I contact the customer service department of redBus, Malaysia?
A: If you need help with your purchase or if you have any questions about a particular bus operator or route, you can contact the redBus customer service department in Malaysia by dialing +60330992524 or by sending an email to
Q: How can I buy my bus tickets of the company Mayang Sari Express in redBus?
A: The process is very simple. You just have to go to the search bar and type the city that you want to travel to in the source or destination box, then select your travel date and click on the search button. redBus will show you different options for traveling, you just have to choose the bus operator of your choice, the most convenient schedule and buy!
Q: How can I leave a review of the company Mayang Sari Express?
A: In order to leave a review in redBus is necessary that you have bought a bus ticket of the company Mayang Sari Express and have made your trip with the company. This way we'll make sure that all our reviews are from real customers.
Q: How much is the weight of luggage I am allowed to carry in Mayang Sari Express?
A: To find out these details, we suggest you to contact the bus operator directly. In redBus, you can find all the necessary contact information. Go to the bottom of the page and in the 'About redBus' section you will find the 'Companies' link. Click on the corresponding page and find out the phone number and contact address.
Q: I forgot to buy my return ticket, can i buy it later?
A: Of course. You can buy on our website or app your return ticket at the time you want, usually up to 4 hours before your bus leaves. We recommend buying them a few days in advance and thus take advantage of our offers and promotions.



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