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Plusliner Bus Reviews

The digital world has solved a significant chunk of problems that caused inconvenience to the customers. Booking a bus ticket using the traditional method was challenging, it took a lot of time to book a bus ticket manually. redBus has drastically changed the bus services landscape by providing customers with a seamless online portal that can be used to book bus tickets efficiently. There are numerous bus operators that you can choose from, Plusliner being one of the prominent ones in Malaysia.

The Importance of Ratings & Reviews

Ratings and reviews play an essential role when it comes to passengers choosing a particular bus operator. It acts like a social proof that helps people to make better choices based on the experience of customers in the past. Ratings and reviews can be understood as performance indicators that help to assess the quality of services provided by a particular bus operator. It allows customers to make informed choices regarding bus operator selection.

You can easily find the Plusliner bus review under the ratings and review tabs on the redBus website or mobile application. Ratings are quantitative measures. You can rate Plusliner on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest based on the services offered to you. You can also write a Plusliner bus services review on redBus if you travelled using the same. Reviews are more elaborate and provide a detailed explanation of services. Passengers might have different reviews based on their experience.

How to Provide Reviews & Ratings on redBus?

redBus has one of the simplest and easy to use user interface. You can leave a Plusliner bus review on the redBus website if you have recently travelled using the bus operator. A review link is sent to passengers after they complete the journey on their email or in the form of a push notification. You can click on this link to visit the ratings and review section and provide a Plusliner bus review based on your personal travel experience.

You can also leave a rating (in the range of 1 to 5) that justifies your travel experience with the bus operator. Leaving an authentic Plusliner bus review will help other customers to make more informed choices and have good travel experience. redBus maintains utmost transparency when it comes to displaying the ratings and reviews on its website. You will find all kinds of reviews that passengers leave, whether it is negative or positive. You can also filter out and sort the reviews from high to low or low to high.

Plusliner Buses

Plusliner aims to provide ample options to its customers when it comes to choosing buses for their particular travel routes. Majority of the Plusliner buses are equipped with all necessary amenities required to provide a luxurious travel experience. The key features of Plusliner buses include 2+1 super VIP seats, ample leg space, recliner seats, and fully air-conditioned coaches. Plusliner buses are highly reliable for punctual bus services and ensure a safe and comfortable travel experience for its passengers.

Advantages of Ratings & Reviews

Ratings and Reviews play an important role when it comes to choosing a particular bus operator on redBus. It helps the customer to avoid bad travel experience and choose a good bus operator. You can easily check the Plusliner bus reviews under the ratings and review tab on the redBus website to find out what customers are saying about the operator. Ratings and reviews help people to spend their money wisely and avoid any inconvenience. The advantages of this are not just limited to the customers, but it also helps the bus operators to improve their services for providing a better customer experience.

Visit the redBus website or download the user-friendly app to know more about booking the most affordable seats on Plusliner buses in Malaysia with redBus.

How do I submit a review on Plusliner?

redBus follows the motto of always finding ways to improve every customers' travel experience with Plusliner. And though redBus has nearly perfected this model, there is always room for improvement. This is why a customer’s voice matters. The “Ratings & Reviews” tab on the redBus website offers an insight into a passenger’s journey with Plusliner.

A customer can give a review once they have completed their bus journey. An email or push notification would be sent to the customer after their journey where the customer can rate their experience with Plusliner. This information would not only help the operator and redBus improve their service but would also help potential travelers make an informed decision when booking their bus tickets online.

Plusliner Bus Routes & Timings

RouteFirst BusLast Bus
Kuala perlis to Putra jaya09:1522:45BOOK NOW
Kuantan to Mersing01:0023:59BOOK NOW
Putra jaya to Penang08:0023:30BOOK NOW
Baling to Kuala Lumpur09:0023:00BOOK NOW
Klang to Batu gajah09:3017:00BOOK NOW


Q: How can I leave a review of the company Plusliner?
A: In order to leave a review in redBus is necessary that you have bought a bus ticket of the company Plusliner and have made your trip with the company. This way we'll make sure that all our reviews are from real customers.
Q: I have bought my ticket in redBus in Plusliner and I have already made my trip, how can I publish my review?
A: The process is very simple. After making your trip, you'll receive an email to leave a review of the company Plusliner. Just refresh your inbox, open the mail and fill it up.
Q: What services does the company Plusliner offer in their buses?
A: Each bus operator has different services and each service has special characteristics. In the section 'Services' you can find the details of each different service of Plusliner.
Q: How much is the weight of luggage I am allowed to carry in Plusliner?
A: To find out these details, we suggest you to contact the bus operator directly. In redBus, you can find all the necessary contact information. Go to the bottom of the page and in the 'About redBus' section you will find the 'Companies' link. Click on the corresponding page and find out the phone number and contact address.
Q: How can I buy my bus tickets of the company Plusliner in redBus?
A: The process is very simple. You just have to go to the search bar and type the city that you want to travel to in the source or destination box, then select your travel date and click on the search button. redBus will show you different options for traveling, you just have to choose the bus operator of your choice, the most convenient schedule and buy!
Q: I forgot to buy my return ticket, can i buy it later?
A: Of course. You can buy on our website or app your return ticket at the time you want, usually up to 4 hours before your bus leaves. We recommend buying them a few days in advance and thus take advantage of our offers and promotions.
Q: Do I need to pick up my ticket once I have bought it through the mobile app of redBus?
A: It's not necessary. When buying with redBus, a digital ticket will arrive in your inbox. On the day of your trip, go to the terminal and look for the counter of the bus operator, present the e-ticket and the company will give you another.
Q: How many hours in advance should I be in the agency or terminal to change my e-ticket?
A: It is recommendable to be 1 hour before at the counter to be able to change the e-ticket issued by redBus for that of the bus operator.
Q: In case of a problem, how do I contact the customer service department of redBus, Malaysia?
A: If you need help with your purchase or if you have any questions about a particular bus operator or route, you can contact the redBus customer service department in Malaysia by dialing +60330992524 or by sending an email to
Q: Q. Where can I find some genuine Plusliner bus reviews?
A: One of the best places to find the most genuine customer reviews on the redBus website. redBus believes in providing full transparency when it comes to helping customers make informed decisions. redBus maintains all the reviews whether it is a positive or a negative one. A customer can check the review by clicking on the “Ratings & Review” button on the Plusliner’s tab. It also includes other detailed information related to amenities provided, bus stops, etc.
Q: Q. How can I submit my feedback for Plusliner on redBus?
A: redBus firmly believes in improving customer satisfaction every passing day and thus it has a dedicated room for its customers where they can raise their voice about any concerns or even appreciate the services provided. Generally, an email or push notification is sent to the customer after they complete the journey. Passengers traveling with Plusliner can submit their feedback for the same. You can also submit any Plusliner bus services review in the same. This can be viewed under the ratings & review tab.
Q: Q. How does bus reviews help?
A: Bus reviews can help a customer in making a more informed decision and choosing a good bus operator for their journey. The travel experience can be good or bad depending on the type of operator you have chosen for your journey. You can make your decisions based on the experience of other passengers who have already availed the services of a particular bus operator.



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