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Covid 19 Travel Advisory for JB Transliner Buses

Key points to keep in mind while planning a trip with JB Transliner

Covid 19 Travel Advisory for JB Transliner BusesCheck out travel restrictions that apply to your source and destination.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for JB Transliner BusesBook bus tickets online in advance to avoid any physical contact.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for JB Transliner BusesCarry your personal hygiene items like hand sanitizer, tissues, and soap.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for JB Transliner BusesWear a mask all the time while you are on the JB Transliner bus.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for JB Transliner BusesJB Transliner may not be providing you a linen or blanket, so make sure to pack yours during a long trip.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for JB Transliner BusesDue to temperature checks and precautionary measures, buses may get delayed. Save some additional time for your trip.

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JB Transliner Bus Ticket Booking

JB Transliner is one of the most reputed bus agents in Malaysia. It is headquartered in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, and has been delivering express bus services on a daily basis. Buses normally leave from Bahru town and go to various cities within Malaysia.

JB Transliner has collaborated with various other local bus service providers like Transtar Express, Kwok Ping Express, KPB Express, Seasons Express, and Arwana Express to serve their customers with more options. The express bus agent has been providing their passengers with excellent services, top-notch amenities and a safe journey since their establishment. The bus company in Malaysia values punctuality, allowing passengers to plan their itinerary to the last detail and be able to stick to it. Booking a seat onboard a JB Transliner bus is easy with destinations including Penang, Kuala Lumpur, and Genting Highlands, JB Transliner provides a first-class journey for locals and tourists alike.

JB Transliner Bus Services

JB Transliner offers bus routes between Genting Highlands, Johor, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Perak and is based in Johor Bahru. The buses are equipped with air-conditioning systems that allow you to travel in comfort and style.

Pick up points in Johor are Taman Sri Putri Bus Stop, Merlin Tower, and Taman Ungku Tun Aminah. In a day, a number of buses ply from Johor and Genting Highlands. The first bus usually heads out at 8 in the morning but depends on the route chosen.

As the company specializes in these routes, the bus drivers are experienced in navigating the road network between the departure and arrival points and safely drops their passengers off at their respective destination points.

What to expect on JB Transliner?

This bus operator in Genting Highlands prioritizes the comfort, service, and safety of travelers. The popular buses are fitted with luxurious seats with legroom ample enough to promise a comfortable journey. The excellent air-conditioning systems ensure you can sleep like a baby or ride in style without having to fidget with fans and windows. JB Transliner constantly strives to make countless efforts in offering great services for its customers.

JB Transliner is quite an affordable travel option. The operator has gone to great lengths to provide comfort and services to their passengers that rival those provided by any luxury bus in KL or the rest of Malaysia. Ticket prices depend on the destination and route. These economical fares make JB Transliner one of the best bus companies in Malaysia.

JB Transliner Bus Types

The types of JB Transliner buses that travel on these routes are:

  • 20-seater VIP coaches
  • 29-seater VIP coaches

JB Transliner Online Bus Ticket Booking on redBus

On redBus, you can securely book your JB Transliner bus tickets online to any destination. All you have to do to find the right bus is enter your departure point, destination, and onwards date then click the “Search buses” button. You can even filter through our list of operators to find JB Transliner or any other operator of your choice.

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At redBus Malaysia, we have all the information you will ever need to book a safe and comfortable ride on JB Transliner or any other bus operator. redBus has an extensive list of operators to choose from, many of which are in the top 10 buses in Malaysia, so you will never have to scrimp on time or comfort.

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redBus Safety+

redBus is launching Safety+, a new Covid-19 safety identification that helps bus operators showcase their compliance with safety measures as suggested by the government. Users can also use this sign to identify bus services that follow all guidelines and thereby ensure safer travel.

If a bus is tagged with the Safety+ sign, you can be sure that it has undergone disinfection and is run by healthy staff who wear masks and gloves throughout the journey. Hand sanitizers are installed in these buses for individual use by the passengers.

To ensure total protection, users are requested to maintain social distancing and follow all personal hygiene measures. These include using face masks, avoiding travel in case of an illness, and washing hands regularly.

Disclaimer: Bus timings, routes, and fares are subject to change. Please check locally for last-minute changes.

JB Transliner Bus Services

JB Transliner is experienced in offering bus services across a number of city routes. The bus company makes continuous efforts in providing prompt service. It consists of well-maintained buses and cordial staff assisting passengers at all times. Travelling with JB Transliner as their buses adhere to time and deliver an enjoyable experience.

JB Transliner Offers

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JB Transliner Online Bus Ticket Booking on redBus

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