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Shuttle Buses in Malaysia

Looking for shuttle bus services in Malaysia? Are taxi fares too expensive? Fret not. With a fleet of state-of-the-art shuttle buses plying on the roads of Malaysia, transportation has never been made more convenient or affordable in the peninsula. In Malaysia, shuttle buses are becoming a lifeline and a daily means of transport for a number of commuters. 


Apart from connecting cities to each other, shuttle buses are a primary mode of transport to and from the main airports in the country. A number of operators provide shuttles buses from several essential terminals like Awana Bus Terminal, Hentian Duta Bus Terminal, Kuantan Sentral Bus Terminal, Kuala Lumpur Sentral station, and many more. 


If you are a tourist in Malaysia, traveling in a shuttle bus will help save a lot of time and money. Thankfully, operators have made sure that the frequency of buses on any particular route matches the number of people who require this service. 


Why consider Shuttle Buses over regular transport or taxi? 


Cheaper, safer, and a lot more comfortable. Shuttle buses offer this and more when it comes to their smaller vehicular siblings. Though taxis provide a more personal travel experience, it can come at a cost, a very high cost. A taxi to the airport from Kuala Lumpur to the airport would cost around RM 70, while a seat on a shuttle bus would cost you around RM 10 on average. Not only are these buses cheaper than taxis, these buses come equipped with amenities that you’d generally find in a well-established hotel. Bus operators in Malaysia prioritize a person’s comfort and safety above all else. Most shuttle buses come with amenities like newspapers, central TV, extra legroom and luggage space, reclining seats, magazines, snacks, air-conditioning, and much more.  


Shuttle buses also help minimize traffic by reducing the number of vehicles running on the road. If there is a large group of people who are going to the same location, this bus would be the best option to take. Everyone has to do their part to help minimize traffic on the road. You can easily buy bus online tickets for shuttle buses in a few clicks now thanks to redBus.

KLIA and klia2 transfer

Free Shuttle Bus 


Passengers who are traveling on interconnecting flights can avail the free shuttle service that’s provided at the airport to travel the 3km journey between KLIA and klia2. Shuttle buses are frequent with buses running every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day. To book a seat on this free service, a passenger has to simply register on the official website.


Passengers are requested to gather at the waiting area after they’ve completed their registration process. Passengers can wait at Level 1 of Main Terminal Building, Door 4, located at KLIA or at Bay A10, Level 1, Transportation Hub, near the Gateway@klia2 Mall. 


Airport Liner 


Airport Liner is an operator who offers shuttle services between KLIA and klia2 at a nominal price of RM 2.50 per passenger. Passengers can avail this service at platforms 10, 11, and 12 at the bus station at KLIA. The first bus departs at 5:30 am while the last bus departs at 11:50 pm. The bus station can be found on Level 1 of the Main Terminal Building of KLIA. The Airport Liner also runs to Nilai KTM Komuter station from KLIA covering Desa Jasmin, Desa Melati, Desa Cempaka, Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi, INTI International University, KLIA, and klia2. 


Popular Shuttle Bus Operators 

Popular Shuttle Bus Operators in Malaysia


There are a number of trusted bus operators who provide bus online ticket in Malaysia. Som e of the key shuttle bus operators in Malaysia are: 


SkyBus and Aerobus are the main shuttle services that are provided for passengers who are traveling from various parts of the city to the airport. The companies strive to achieve and maintain good customer relations by providing a safe and comfortable transit from one location to the other.

Contact Number of Operators

Bus OperatorContact Number
Rapid Penang CAT (Central Area Transit)+604-238-1212

Where and how do I book shuttle bus ticket?

A passenger can purchase their ticket by logging on to redbus.my. The interactive website presents a user-friendly experience and provides every piece of necessary information that a customer might be looking for when they want to book a shuttle bus or any other type of bus service. All that a person has to do is to log into the redBus website in Malaysia, enter their “From,” “To,” and “Onward Date” details and click the “Search Button.” A list of bus operators will be displayed which shows the route details of the bus, bus photos, seat availability, amenities provided, and much more.


What is a shuttle bus?
A shuttle bus is generally a smaller bus that’s used to ferry people between two fixed points. Shuttle buses are used on smaller routes where the travel duration generally does not exceed an hour. These buses are cheaper to use for short-route travels when compared to taxis. Shuttle buses even come with a number of amenities that make the journey comfortable for every passenger.
How much is the bus ticket for a KLIA to KLIA 2 transfer?
Passengers on interconnecting flights can board a free shuttle bus from KLIA to KLIA 2. Passengers can even board the Express Rail Link (KLIA Ekspres or KLIA Transit) or if they have the time and energy, they can walk the 2 km distance. The price of a bus ticket varies depending on the shuttle bus boarded. Visit the redBus website today to know more.
Do I get a refund for the cancellation of a shuttle bus ticket?
All ticket sales are final and there is no refund that’s provided for the cancelation of a shuttle bus ticket.
What amenities does a shuttle bus offer?
Most shuttle buses come with amenities such as newspapers, central TV, extra legroom, luggage space, reclining seats, magazines, snacks, air-conditioning and much more.
Can I book a shuttle bus ticket online on the redBus website or app?
Yes, you can book shuttle bus tickets onlnie on redBus. The platform offers a plethora of bus operators who ply on any given route.