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Sindo Ferry Ferry Routes & Timings

Sindo Ferry Online Ticket Booking

Sindo Ferry, one of South-East Asia's best ferry operators, started its operations in 2011. Since then, it has been making constant efforts towards providing comfortable, fuel-efficient, and faster ferry services to travelers in the region. You get the option to choose from 16 well-maintained ferries when you book Sindo ferry ticket online.

You can buy Sindo ferry tickets online on the redBus mobile application. redBus will provide you with detailed information on the ferry schedule and allow you to book ferry tickets to Batam Centre, Sekupang Ferry Terminal, Waterfront City, Tanjung Balai (Karimun) and Tanjung Pinang (Bintan Island). You can also check out popular ferry routes on which this ferry operator operates and the respective ferry prices so that you never run out of choice while choosing a perfect ferry ride.

Sindo Ferry Services

Most of the fleet offered by Sindo Ferry operates between Singapore and Indonesia on an everyday basis. However, you may also find ferries that operate only on weekdays while a few operate only on weekends and public holidays. redBus makes it easy for the travelers to choose the right ferry ride by displaying the list of ferries that are available only on their selected date of journey.

Sindo Ferry

Sindo Ferry Ticket Prices

One way ticket prices for Singapore to Batam - SGD 28 for an Adult

One way ticket prices for Singapore to Bintan - SGD 43 for an Adult

Terminal Fee

Travellers must pay a nominal terminal fee over and above the ferry ticket prices to the ferry terminals in Indonesia and Singapore. The terminal fee varies by country and must be paid to the terminal operator at the ferry terminal.

While there are also surcharges and peak prices, the terminal fee has to be paid at the terminal unless stated otherwise, as included in the ferry tickets. It is advised that you check the ticket inclusions when making the ferry ticket booking online.

Singapore Passenger Departure Fee (SPDF)

For all ferry trips departing from Harbourfront Centre or Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in Singapore as the source, a Singapore Passenger Departure Fee of SGD10 per person is applicable.

Terminal Fee For Ferry Trips From Batam

For ferry trips departing from Batam Centre, Sekupang and Waterfront - Batam Terminal Fee of Rp65,000 or SGD7 is levied per person.

Terminal Fee For Return Ferry Trips from Tanjung Pinang* and Tanjung Balai*

Before departure, you must pay in cash in Indonesian Rupiah at Tanjung Pinang Ferry Terminal. (Applicable to passengers departing from Tanjung Pinang and Tanjung Balai ONLY)

Tanjung Balai Terminal Fee -

  • Indonesian citizens have to pay Rp50,000 per person
  • Foreign passengers have to pay Rp75,000 per person

Tanjung Pinang Terminal Fee -

  • Indonesian citizens have to pay Rp40,000 per person
  • Foreign passengers have to pay Rp60,000 per person

*Terminal fee is subject to change

Sindo Ferry Travel Time

Sindo Ferry operates on different routes and the travel time varies as per the weather conditions. The standard travel time on different routes is as follows -

Singapore to/from Batam Centre : 55-65 minutes

Singapore to Sekupang : 40-50 minutes

Singapore to/from Tanjung Pinang : 1hr 45 minutes

Singapore to/from Tanjung Balai : 1hr 30 minutes

Sindo Ferry Check In Time

The Sindo Ferry check-in counter closes 20 minutes before departure time. The departure gates close 15 minutes before departure. It is best to reach the ferry terminal 1 hour prior to departure to save the hassle.

Sindo Ferry Amenities

Sindo Ferry is known for its state-of-the-art facilities and efforts to improve passenger comfort. No matter which route you choose between Singapore and Indonesia, you’re sure to enjoy sailing by their ferries. Around 150 to 300 passengers can travel on this ferry at a time. Comfortable seating, modern ferry technology, and prompt service are some of the highlights of this operator. You will also find its skillful staff always ready to help the passengers.

Sindo Ferry Schedule 

Sindo Ferry services are available on most routes throughout the week. For example, if you are traveling to and from Batam Centre, the first ferry will depart from HarbourFront Ferry Terminal at 8:00 a.m. The ferry on the return route is available even earlier, at 6:00 a.m. Sindo ferries on this route are available throughout the day. The Sindo Ferry to and from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal is available during the day, while ferries operating between Harbour Front Centre Ferry Terminal are available only on weekends. 

The Sindo Ferry schedule is updated constantly. The service is prompt and there are usually no delays.


Sindo Ferry Online Booking on redBus

You can use the redBus Malaysia website/app to buy Sindo Ferry ferry online ticket booking from Singapore to Indonesia and vice-versa. All you need to do is to follow these steps:

  1. Open redBus Ferry on your mobile or check ferries on redBus mobile app.
  2. Type your source and destination and click ‘search’ to find the ferries on this route.
  3. You will see a list of available ferries with their schedule, ferry price, and boarding details.
  4. Use the filter option to see all available ferries.
  5. Choose the most suitable ferry based on your preference and head to the payment gateway.

After this, one will require to pay the ferry ticket price via debit card, credit card, or net banking methods. With redBus, one can also avail wonderful offers and grab the deals on various occasions while booking Sindo ferry tickets online.

Sindo Ferry Schedule from Singapore to Batam

Harbourfront Centre to Batam Centre (SG time)Harbourfront Centre to Sekupang Ferry Terminal (SG time)Tanah Merah to Batam Centre (SG time)
08:00, 09:00, 10:2008:3010:20
12:00, 13:2010:00, 11:0012:30
14:50 - Only on Weekends 14:10, 17:3014:30
16:10, 17:20, 18:30, 20:45, 21:50 18:10, 19:3016:20

Sindo Ferry Ferry Ticket Prices and Schedule

0 hrs 0 mins
Ferry schedule
First trip:07:40 AM
Last trip:09:50 PM
0 hrs 0 mins
Ferry schedule
First trip:06:00 AM
Last trip:08:30 PM

Sindo Ferry Service

Sindo Ferry offers a full range of on-board ferry services to the passengers. This ferry company makes ceaseless efforts to ensure a convenient and prompt service for the passengers. Sindo Ferry Service has a well-trained staff serving passengers for a very long time. Book a Sindo Ferry to create a great sailing experience on any of the Singapore-Indonesia routes.

Sindo Ferry Online Ferry Ticket Booking on redBus

To travel with Sindo Ferry, log on to and book your ferry tickets for anywhere in Singapore or Indonesia. All you have to do is to select the desired destination and choose a suitable ferry and time from the list. Travelers and book Sindo Ferry tickets by making payment via debit card, credit card, and net banking on redBus. Passengers can also avail special offers when applicable.

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Ferry Amenities


Personal TV

Cabin Attendant



How early do we need to get to the terminal?
Immigration gates close 20 minutes before the departure. It would be wiser to reach the ferry terminal at least 60 minutes prior to departure. If it is a weekend or public holiday, you can plan to reach around 90 minutes before to avoid the crowd at the terminal.
Can I get a refund if I cancel my bookings or tickets?
If you’ve already collected your boarding pass, you will not be able to cancel your ticket and get the refund.
Are pets allowed onboard while traveling by Sindo Ferry?
No, Sindo Ferry does allow you to travel with pets due to certain regulations.
What is the Sindo Ferry ticket price?
Sindo Ferry ticket prices vary based on the type of ferry you choose to travel by and the route you’re traveling through. You will get the exact price on redBus after selecting a route.
Which ferry routes are served by Sindo Ferry?
Almost all the ferry routes between Singapore and Indonesia are served by Sindo Ferry. Some of the major ones include: Harbourfront to Batam Centre Harbourfront to Sekupang Ferry Terminal Harbourfront to Waterfront Tanah Merah to Tanjung Pinang
How much is the Sindo Ferry ticket to Batam?
Sindo Ferry operates several ferries daily from the Singapore Harbourfront Centre to Batam Island. There are multiple round trips every day to and from Batam to ensure convenience and flexibility. Single, one-way tickets to travel to Batam via Sindo Ferry will cost you MYR 51.86 and MYR 36.66 for children below the age of 12, with stops at Batam Centre, Sekupang, and the Waterfront. Two-way tickets will cost you twice the amount; MYR 103.67 for adults and MYR 74 for children.
Are Sindo Ferry services available from Harbourfront?
Yes, many ferry services are available from Harbourfront, with a separate trip being made every one hour from 08:00 to 22:00 hours. The Harbourfront Centre boasts a convenient waiting lounge and ample parking for visitors, and Sindo Ferry tickets can be bought for ferries originating from the Singapore Harbourfront at the exclusive Sindo Ferry counter.
Is Sindo Ferry wheelchair friendly?
Yes, the Sindo Ferry is wheelchair friendly. If you need assistance with immigration formalities or help with boarding or de-boarding the ferry, the customer service officer will guide and assist you. It is advised that you intimate the ferry service providers at least a few days before you make your journey with Sindo Ferry if you require a wheelchair, and they will ensure that you have a safe and hassle-free experience.
Is it safe to travel abroad Sindo Ferry?
It is 100% safe to travel via Sindo Ferry. The Sindo Ferry fleet is regularly maintained and subjected to inspection to ensure a safe journey. Several precautions due to Covid-19 are taken, such as daily temperature checks for staff and crew and regular sanitization of all accessible areas to ensure a clean and hygienic experience. Travelers are also required to declare all previous travel history and are screened before entry to ensure that there is minimal risk of using the Sindo Ferry.
I booked my Sindo Ferry tickets on redBus. Can I transfer my Sindo Ferry tickets to another person?
No, the tickets are non-transferrable. So, you cannot transfer your Sindo Ferry tickets to another person.
How long is the journey from Singapore to Batam on a Sindo ferry?
The journey from Singapore to Batam on a Sindo ferry takes around 55 to 65 minutes.
Can I get on a Sindo Ferry from Tanah Merah to go to Batam Centre?
At present, all Sindo Ferry ferries depart from Tanah Merah ferry terminal to Batam Centre ferry terminal. So, yes, you can board a Sindo Ferry from Tanah Merah to go to Batam Centre.
What are Sindo Ferry's operating hours?
The operating hours are variable for each ferry terminal and you may check the official page for more information. Harbourfront Centre : 06:30hrs to 2130hrs Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal : 07:30hrs to 18:20hrs Batam Centre Ferry Terminal : 05:00hrs to 20:40hrs Sekupang Ferry Terminal : 05:00hrs to 18:30hrs Waterfront Ferry Terminal : 12:00hrs to 13:30hrs Tanjung Balai Ferry Terminal : 06:30hrs to 14:00hrs Tanjung Pinang Ferry Terminal : 06:00hrs to 17:00hrs
Is Sindo Ferry operating today?
Yes, Sindo Ferry is operating as on 22-02-2024(UTC).

Marine Park Conservation Charges

Tourists visiting Marine Parks Malaysia have to pay a nominal conservation charge as required by the Fees Act 1951, Fees (Marine Parks Malaysia) Order 2017. The revenue collected from the charge goes to the Marine Parks and Marine Reserves Trust Fund to manage and maintain the parks, and to provide facilities and comfort to visitors.

People with disabilities are exempted from the charge, and residents living on islands surrounded by Marine Parks are also exempted.

Additionally, there are different fee rates for activities like camping, research, commercial filming/documentary, scuba diving, and cruising. Please check the Official Department of Fisheries Portal Malaysia for more information.

Marine Park Fee

Age GroupMYKAD Holders Non MYKAD Holders
Adults RM 5RM 30
Children (aged between 6 to 12 years old)RM 2RM 15
Senior Citizens (aged 60 years old and above)RM 2RM 15
Disabled FreeFree