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Top Ferry Routes To Bintan

Ferries to Bintan

Bintan is the largest island in the Riau Archipelago. It is an exotic location with plenty of options for entertainment, with golf courses, beautiful beaches, and luxurious resorts. Bintan airport serves only domestic airlines, so reaching here directly may not be possible via airways. The most convenient option is taking a ferry to Bintan. Bintan islands are easily accessible from Malaysia and Singapore through ferry routes and you can easily book a ferry ticket online or from the ferry terminal.

The source for Bintan ferry in Singapore is Tanah Merah to Bandar Bentan Telani Bintan resort ferry terminal in Bintan.

If you happen to be traveling from Malaysia, the best way to get to Bintan is by bus and ferry. Take a bus from TBS, Kuala Lumpur, to Johor Bahru. The ferry to Bintan operates from from Berjaya Waterfront Ferry Terminal at Johor Bahru and takes you to Sri Bintan Pura Ferry Terminal, Tanjungpinang. Alternatively, you can fly to Singapore and then take a cab to the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to reach it faster.

Travel Guide on Bintan Island

To experience the best trip to Bintan Island, choose the ferry ride that will give you ample time to enjoy the ocean and watch the natural beauty of the place. As there are plenty of hotels and resorts available here, you will not have any difficulty finding suitable accommodation. Taxis and cabs will help you reach the Bintan resorts and hotels. Notable accommodation options include Bintan Resort, Natra Bintan, Banyan Tree bintan, etc. The average price for the Bintan hotels is around SGD 540 per night. The lowest price in these hotels can be SGD 131 per night.

The best time to visit Bintan is from April to October, when the temperature is around 26 degrees Celsius.

Parking area information at the Bintan ferry terminal for locals

Finding a parking spot near the ferry terminal can be challenging. Since Bintan has city bus services, taxis, cabs, and even bikes, which are a better option to reach the ferry terminal. The port is close to the city center and is easily reachable. The parking fee is S$1.50 per hour and so on. This is subject to change.

Ferry Operators Serving Bintan

There are several ferry operators serving Bintan Island, offering convenient transportation options for travelers. Some of the popular ferry operators include:

  • Sindo Ferry : Sindo Ferry provides regular ferry services between Singapore and Bintan Island. With comfortable seating, onboard amenities, and reliable schedules, Sindo Ferry ensures a pleasant and seamless journey.
  • Bintan Resort Ferries: Bintan Resort Ferries offers ferry services from Singapore to Bintan Island, specifically to the Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal. Their ferries are known for their reliability and efficiency, providing a convenient way to reach the island.

Bintan Ferry Schedule

According to the Bintan ferry schedule, there are around 8 ferries per day from Singapore and Johor Bahru. The timing of each ferry terminal will be different. From the Singapore Tanah Merah ferry terminal, there is only one ferry from Monday to Thursday and three services from Friday to Sunday. The number of ferry rides from Johor Bahru to Bintan is 3 per day.

The Singapore to Bintan ferry schedule varies as per operator and routes.

  • The first ferry by Sindo ferry for Singapore to Bintan starts at 08:40 and the last ferry is at 18:20
  • The first ferry by Bintan Resort Ferries for Singapore to Bintan starts at 08:10 and the last ferry is at 21:00

These ferry operators provide various departure times and flexible schedules to accommodate different travel preferences. It is advisable to check their respective websites or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date information regarding schedules and ticket bookings.

Singapore to Bintan Ferry Travel Time

Singapore to Bintan ferry travel time is usually 1-2 hours. However, it varies depending on the ferry operator, routes and weather conditions.

The travel time between Singapore and Tanjung Pinang is around 2 hours while that from Singapore to Bandar Bentan Telani is only 1 hour.

Bintan Ferry Check-in Time

You need to check-in atleast 30 minutes before the boarding time. We suggest you to reach the ferry terminal 1 hour prior to departure.

Bintan Ferry Ticket Price and Duration

Depending on the ferry operation, starting terminal, and destination the travel duration varies from 1-3 hrs. The Bintan Resort Ferries from Singapore travel faster and reach the destination in an hour. The travel duration of the Bintan ferry ride from Singapore to Bintan is 1-2 hours. Ferry rides from Johor Bahru to Bintan can take up to 3 hrs. The same is the case with the ticket price ranges from RM 150 to RM 259. The ticket rates are different for adults and children. Anyone over the age of 13 is considered an adult.

Please be mindful that fare changes and timing are solely at the discretion of the ferry operators.

Ferry Ticket Collection Information

Online booking of Bintan ferry tickets will be the most convenient option as you will get cheaper rates and added benefits. Though you can get the tickets at the terminal, that is not an ideal option. There are not many ferry services on this route, so online ferry ticket booking in advance is always advisable.

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Dropping Points in Bintan

Boarding point
Dropping point

Some of the popular dropping points in Bintan are mentioned below. Please note that these drop locations generally differ from one ferry operator to another. The drop points in Bintan are as follows:

  • Tanjung Pinang
  • Bandar Bentan Telani

Ferry Operators Serving to Bintan

There are a number of operators serving in Bintan. All the listed ferry operators facilitate comfortable ferry journeys in the city. Some of the popular ferry operators in Bintan are:

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Terminal Fees

Travellers must pay a nominal terminal fee over and above the ferry ticket prices to the ferry terminals in Indonesia and Singapore. The terminal fee varies by country and must be paid to the terminal operator at the ferry terminal.

While there are also surcharges and peak prices, the terminal fee has to be paid at the terminal unless stated otherwise, as included in the ferry tickets. It is advised that you check the ticket inclusions when making the ferry ticket booking online.

Singapore Passenger Departure Fee (SPDF)

For all ferry trips departing from Harbourfront Centre or Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in Singapore as the source, a Singapore Passenger Departure Fee of SGD10 per person is applicable.

Terminal Fee For Return Ferry Trips from Tanjung Pinang* and Tanjung Balai*

Before departure, you must pay in cash in Indonesian Rupiah at Tanjung Pinang Ferry Terminal. (Applicable to passengers departing from Tanjung Pinang and Tanjung Balai ONLY)

Tanjung Balai Terminal Fee -

  • Indonesian citizens have to pay Rp50,000 per person
  • Foreign passengers have to pay Rp75,000 per person

Tanjung Pinang Terminal Fee -

  • Indonesian citizens have to pay Rp40,000 per person
  • Foreign passengers have to pay Rp60,000 per person

*Terminal fee is subject to change

Where is Bintan?


How long does it take to reach Bintan from Singapore by ferry?
It takes around 1-2 hours to reach Bintan by ferry. There is a difference of 1 hour in the time zones of Bintan and Singapore.
What is the Singapore to Bintan ferry ticket price?
The average ferry ticket price from Singapore to Bintan one-way is between MYR 150 to MYR 259 . The price may vary depending on the bus type and bus companies you choose to travel with.
Is Bintan a good place to visit?
Bintan is one of the popular destinations for travelers in Southeast Asia. The island of Bintan features several resorts, golf courses, market areas, beaches, and water sports that make it a great place to visit.
How do I book ferries to Bintan on redBus?
Booking a ferry to Bintan is extremely simple and convenient on the redBus. You’ll just need to go to the redBus ferry page, enter your source and Bintan, date of journey, and you will get the list of ferries available on the selected date. You can then choose a suitable ferry and head to the payment.
Can I book a round trip ferry ticket from Bintan?
You can book a round trip ferry ticket from Bintan separately by entering Bintan as your source name on a planned return date. Booking round trip tickets is a good way to get discounts on ferry ticket booking.
Is Bintan Malaysia or Indonesia?
Bintan is an island in the Riau archipelago of Indonesia. Bintan Island is a short ferry ride away from Singapore.
What language do they speak in Bintan?
Bahasa Indonesia is the language spoken everywhere in Indonesia including Bintan. However, you can easily find hotel staff speaking in English and Chinese as well. 
How long is the ferry ride to Bintan?
The travel duration of the Bintan ferry differs with its route and ferry operator. It usually takes 1-2 hours to reach Bintan from Singapore.
Is Bintan visa on arrival for Indians?
Yes India is one of the countries for VISA on Arrival. You will have to pay IDR 500.000/person for maximum 30 days stay. If you stay exceeds more than 30 days, additional payment of IDR 500.000/person (renewable ONE TIME ONLY).Please note that the specific requirements and policies may be subject to change, so it is advisable to check with the Indonesia VISA portal, official authorities or the nearest Indonesian embassy or consulate for the most up-to-date information. 
How much does it cost to go to Bintan?
A week-long solo trip to Bintan can cost an average of RM 6400 and RM 21000 for a family. The expenses could be half of the mentioned amount for a shorter trip. You can book bus and ferry tickets online on redBus and save more. Also, your travel cost will largely depend on your activities and the places you stay, so you can choose wisely as per your budget. Accommodation is available for people of all budgets so you can easily select a suitable one. The significant expenses at Bintan will be the two meals and local journeys or activities you choose. Breakfast is mainly covered in the room rent and will be available as complementary.