Sabah Tourism Unveils New Initiatives to Showcase Biodiversity and Cultural Heritage


In an effort to boost its tourist industry, Sabah plans to broaden its travel offers by emphasizing the region’s rich biodiversity and distinct cultural experiences. Datuk Christina Liew, the state’s tourism, culture, and environment minister, unveiled this strategic approach during a media conference at the Sabah Matta Fair 2024 on Saturday.

Liew revealed new plans for Sabah tourism initiatives/packages that will allow visitors to see Sabah’s diverse flora and fauna while also engaging with the local communities that make the region unique. These programs aim to introduce tourists to Sabah’s natural marvels, including immersive experiences in the lush rainforests and opportunities to see iconic animals such as elephants and orangutans.

“Sabah is truly one of the most naturally blessed places on Earth,” he added. “We want to provide opportunities for visitors to immerse themselves in our rich natural environment and learn about the vibrant traditions of our diverse local populations.”

This initiative embodies Sabah’s dedication to encouraging sustainable tourism which benefits both the environment and local communities, as well as providing visitors with a more meaningful travel experience.

Mode of Transport in Sabah

Sabah, located on the island of Borneo, provides a variety of low-cost transportation choices for tourists wishing to explore the region’s unique landscapes and cultural sites. This accessibility is critical for encouraging affordable tourism in the region.

  • Public and Private Buses: Sabah has an extensive network of public buses that connects major cities and popular tourist attractions. This is the most economical means to travel between cities like Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan, and Tawau. The buses are both comfortable and economically priced, making them ideal for budget-conscious vacationers. You can book bus tickets for Bus Asia Biaramas, Eva Express and other operators in the region on redBus as well. To book your tickets in Malay, check out the bas online ticket page!
  • Minibuses and vans provide more localized transport in cities and rural areas. These services are factor, frequently departing when full rather than adhering to a strict schedule. They are a reasonably priced approach to reach places that are more remote.
  • Shuttle Services: Some popular tourist attractions, such as national parks and conservation areas, provide shuttle services from the main entrances or surrounding towns. These shuttles are usually moderately priced and timed to coincide with visiting hours, providing travelers both convenience and savings.
  • Car Rentals: For individuals who want a more personal traveling experience, renting a car can be an affordable option, especially when shared with a group. This option allows you to explore Sabah at your own leisure and access more hidden areas that public transportation may not reach.
  • Ride Sharing and Taxis: Ride-sharing apps are becoming increasingly popular in Sabah’s urban areas, providing another economical and quick method to get around, particularly in Kota Kinabalu. Taxis are also available and can be an economical choice.

By leveraging these diverse transport options, Sabah tourism will make it possible for budget-conscious travelers to experience its natural beauty and cultural heritage without a hefty price tag, promoting sustainable and inclusive tourism growth.