MySchoolBus@Wilayah Program to Offer Free Bus Rides for Children in KL


In an innovative move aimed at supporting the educational journey of school children in Kuala Lumpur, the local government has reinvigorated its commitment to easing the financial strain on families while fostering a more sustainable city environment. The MySchoolBus@Wilayah programme, formerly known as the Free School Bus Aid Programme, has been redesigned under the Federal Territories Ministry’s Program Usaha Jaya Insan (Puji), for families residing in low-cost housing to offer free bus services to school children.

MySchoolBus@Wilayah – Addressing Educational Inequality Through Transportation

The MySchoolBus@Wilayah programme’s revitalization comes in response to findings that underscore the critical impact of economic hardship on educational access. By enabling more than 10,000 children to travel to school at no cost for the 2024/2025 term, Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) aims to mitigate these challenges, following a significant increase in application numbers reflecting the growing need within the community.

The Mayor of Kuala Lumpur, Datuk Kamarulzaman Mat Salleh, announced that annually, between RM13 million and RM15 million is dedicated to support this free bus program for students. Each student’s bus service costs are estimated to be about RM100 monthly. To ensure ample transportation, 107 bus operators were selected to deploy 221 buses and vans for student commutes. Additionally, the buses have been updated with a fresh design to enhance their appearance.

Beyond the immediate benefit of cost savings for families, the initiative is poised to contribute significantly to reducing the city’s traffic congestion. With daily vehicle numbers reaching up to 1.5 million, the optimized use of school buses serves as a strategic move to alleviate the perennial issue of traffic jams, making the city’s roads safer and more navigable for all.

A Sustainable Investment in Education

With an annual allocation of RM13 million to RM15 million, the MySchoolBus@Wilayah initiative underscores the city’s investment in its future leaders. The programme not only covers the transportation needs of the children but also introduces a refreshed identity for the school buses, signaling a new era of educational support and urban planning.

As Kuala Lumpur continues to navigate the challenges of urban poverty and congestion, initiatives like the MySchoolBus@Wilayah programme represent a beacon of hope and a model for other cities to emulate. By prioritizing the welfare of its youngest citizens, Kuala Lumpur sets a precedent for integrating social welfare with urban management, paving the way for a brighter, more inclusive future.