KTMB Unveils New ETS Schedule: Faster Trains, More Options for Travelers and Tourists


Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB) has announced a significant overhaul of its Electric Train Service (ETS) schedule, aiming to boost travel convenience and efficiency across Malaysia.

Increased Frequency and Faster Travel Times

The new schedule features a significant increase in daily trips on key routes:

  • KL Sentral-Ipoh-KL Sentral and KL Sentral-Butterworth-KL Sentral: 10 trips daily (up from previous service)
  • KL Sentral-Padang Besar-KL Sentral: 8 trips daily (up from previous service)
  • Gemas-Butterworth-Gemas and Gemas-Padang Besar-Gemas: 2 trips daily (unchanged)

This increase in frequency is complemented by the introduction of six new “ETS Express” services. These express trains will make fewer stops, resulting in dramatically reduced travel times:

  • KL Sentral-Ipoh: 2 hours (previously longer)
  • KL Sentral-Butterworth: 3 hours and 30 minutes (previously longer)
  • KL Sentral-Padang Besar: 4 hours and 50 minutes (previously longer)

Benefits for Tourists and Travelers

The new schedule offers a range of benefits for both domestic and international travelers:

  • More travel options: Increased frequency provides greater flexibility for trip planning.
  • Faster travel times: Reduced journey times allow for more efficient travel and exploration.
  • Enhanced connectivity: Improved accessibility opens up new destinations for tourists.

While KTMB offers so much, Malaysia has a very good bus network as well that is as valuable for taking touristy trips around the country. You can book your bus ticket at the bus terminals or online on booking portals.

Boost for Tourism

The increased efficiency and connectivity promised by the new schedule are expected to positively impact tourism businesses:

  • Higher tourist influx: More frequent trains and faster travel times can attract more visitors to popular destinations.
  • Economic benefits: Increased tourist traffic leads to more bookings for hotels, restaurants, and attractions.
  • Spreading the tourist load: Faster travel during off-peak times can encourage more balanced tourism throughout the year.

KTMB advises passengers to plan their journeys and purchase tickets in advance, particularly during peak seasons. Tickets for ETS and KTM Intercity services from August to November 2024 will go on sale starting at 12 pm tomorrow (May 30th, 2024).

KTMB’s new ETS schedule signifies a significant leap forward in Malaysia’s rail network. By offering faster travel times, increased connectivity, and a more convenient travel experience, this initiative is poised to benefit both travelers and the tourism industry in Malaysia.