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Choosing Ferry Options for Mersing to Tioman Ferry Route: Cataferry

The journey from Mersing to Tioman Island is an enchanting passage that offers a taste of the captivating beauty that awaits you on the island. The ferry ride starts at either Tanjung Gemok or Mersing Jetty. Mersing Jetty is a bustling hub that serves as the departure point for ferries heading towards Tioman Island. While planning a trip to the tropical paradise of Tioman Island from Mersing, you'll likely come across two prominent ferry operators: Cataferry and Bluewater Ferry. Both offer services between Mersing and Tioman Island.

About Cataferry

Cataferry is a ferry service provider in the Southeast Asian region, connecting various destinations by sea travel via their Catamaran ferries. Safety is a priority, as Catamarans are highly stable and difficult to sink. They have high speeds and offer uninterrupted sea views through oversized glass panels.

It offers ferry services between Mersing in Malaysia and Tioman Island, providing passengers with a convenient and scenic mode of transportation to this popular island destination.

Cataferry is known for its reliable ferry schedules and comfortable ferry rides, making it a popular choice for travelers heading to Tioman Island. The company ensures safe and enjoyable journeys for passengers looking to explore the beauty of Tioman Island and its surrounding areas. Enjoy a memorable and comfortable journey with Cataferry's Catamaran ferry to Tioman Island.

Cataferry Vs Bluewater Ferry - Your Ferry Ride to Tioman Islands

Let's dive into the details to help you choose the most suitable operator when you search for the ferry to Tioman for your travels!

Cataferry: Ferry to Tioman

Cataferry is comparatively a fresh face, which started its services from the Mersing to Tioman route in Malaysia in 2019. Catering to passengers with its unique catamaran design, Cataferry sets sail from Mersing Jetty. The ferry to Tioman Island spans a short duration of 1.5 to 2 hours.

An array of accommodation options in Tanjung Gemok offers a convenient overnight stay before your island escapade. Cataferry docks at five jetties on Tioman Island: Tekek, Genting, Air Batang, and Paya.

Navigating the Cataferry Schedule

Cataferry operates two daily trips from Tanjung Gemok to Tioman Island, offering departures both early morning and closer to noon. Return journeys from Tioman Island to the mainland mirror this frequency, ensuring flexibility for travelers. You can check the Cataferry schedule before planning your Tioman adventures.

Cataferry maintains a regular and reliable schedule for travelers. You can easily find the Cataferry schedule online to plan your trip effectively.

Cataferry Ticket & Booking

Cataferry offers a range of seating options, from economy to premium seats and even outdoor benches. Cataferry offers competitive pricing options, making it accessible for many travelers. You can choose from various ticket categories to suit your budget. Cataferry ticket online will be a good bargain given the incredible deals and offers.

The standard Cataferry ticket prices vary based on your travel date, with economy seats typically priced between RM 100 for adults and RM 70 for children.

Premium seats, offering more personal space, entail a higher price and are around RM 150 for adults and RM 100 for children.

Advantages of Cataferry

  • Catamarans provide greater comfort and stability, reducing seasickness.
  • There are several seating options, including outdoor benches on Cataferry
  • You can book your Cataferry ticket online at any ferry ticket booking platform.

Bluewater Express Ferry: A Trusted Name

Established as a high-speed ferry service, Bluewater Express Ferry Bluewater Ferry specializes in the Mersing to Tioman Island route, offering a direct and efficient journey. Bluewater Ferry has been serving as the ferry to Tioman way before Cataferry launched its operations. Bluewater ferry can be boarded from Mersing Jetty and Tanjung Gemok Jetty. If traveling from Singapore, opt for the Mersing jetty route to save time.

The ferry journey from Mersing jetty to Tioman Island has several drop-off points including Genting, Paya, Tekek, ABC, Panuba, and Salang jetties. The Mersing to Tioman ferry ride is around 1.5 to 2 hours.


Advantages of Bluewater Ferry Mersing to Tioman

  • Bluewater Express Ferry stands out for its booking option and flexible departure slots.
  • Travelers can streamline their journey and maximize convenience by departing from Mersing jetty.
  • Fixed fares remain consistent regardless of peak seasons, ensuring affordability and predictability.

Bluewater Ferry Schedule

Bluewater Express Ferry releases the official monthly Mersing Jetty to Tioman ferry trip schedule. The Tioman ferry schedule for Bluewater Ferry varies daily, accommodating up to three rides from the mainland to Tioman Island.

Early morning and evening departure slots cater to diverse travel preferences. You can easily find the Bluewater Ferry schedule online.

Bluewater Ferry Ticket Prices

Adult passengers pay RM 60 for a one-way trip for adults and RM 55 for children.

Tips for a Smooth Mersing to Tioman Ferry Experience

For an optimal experience with Cataferry, consider these suggestions:

  • Secure early bookings for cost savings. Opt for ferry ticket online booking for extra discounts.
  • Arrive at the check-in counter at least 60-90 minutes before departure. Extend this to 1.5 hours for public holidays, school breaks, or long weekends.
  • Ensure you have your online booking confirmation and identification documents ready.
  • Double-check the details on your boarding pass.
  • Have local currency for expenses, especially when traveling from Singapore.
  • Account for potential delays in your travel schedule due to tide-related factors.
  • Opt for compact luggage due to limited seating space.
  • Be prepared for no internet connectivity onboard, and bring entertainment options.

With insights into Cataferry and Bluewater Express Ferry, you are poised to embark on the island vacation of your dreams. Choose between the contemporary comfort of Cataferry or the established excellence of Bluewater Ferry. With each operator offering unique advantages, the choice is yours. Your choice may come down to factors like schedule alignment with your travel plans or specific amenities offered. Whichever you choose, you're in for a memorable journey to the stunning Tioman Island!

Secure your Tioman ferry ticket now and embark on an unforgettable journey to turquoise waters, lush landscapes, and ultimate relaxation. Your island adventure starts here!

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Ferry Operator Details

Ferry OperatorsTicket PricesTravel Duration
CataferryEconomy- 5 to 70 RM (dynamic pricing) Premium- 130 RM1.5 hours
Bluewater FerryAdults- starts from 35 RM (two-way transfer 80 RM) Children- 30 RM (two-way transfer 70 RM)1.5 hours