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Coach Buses in Malaysia

Coach buses have emerged as the best option to take when traveling within Malaysia or to a country nearby. Comfortable and economical, these buses have transformed the transportation landscape in the country. With convenient timings and easy pick-up and drop locations, passengers find these coach buses to be the most convenient mode of transportation. No longer does one need to worry about the rise in taxi fares. These buses are equipped with all the features essential in making a passenger feel safe and comfortable. Several tourists prefer these buses while traveling to or from nearby countries like Thailand and Singapore.


There are several bus terminals from where you can board these buses in Malaysia. All prominent bus operators offer coach buses from terminals like Terminal Bersepadu Selatan, Miri Bus Terminal, Terminal Bentayan Muar, Larkin Sentral, Sungai Petani bus terminal, Melaka Sentral, etc. Depending on your destination, you can choose the nearest bus terminal for a hassle-free journey.

Tourists in Malaysia find these coach buses compatible with their itinerary as it also offers a way to reduce overall tour costs. The frequency of these buses suit all travelers as you can find buses throughout the day, especially on any popular tourist route.

Why are coach buses becoming a preferred mode of transportation in Malaysia?

The biggest reason why local passengers and tourists alike choose coach buses over other available options, like taxis, is the difference in transportation costs. While traveling by taxi may have its advantages, with the ever-increasing taxi fares in Malaysia, especially Kuala Lumpur, these coach buses have emerged as a viable travel option.

When it comes to safety and comfort, these buses now score better than an average taxi. Coach buses have all the latest features and amenities ensuring that passengers are drowned in comfort and luxury while traveling. Sufficient space for luggage has been made available on these buses. These buses have limousine style luxurious interiors with seats that look and feel like they are designed for theatres. The reclining seats have sufficient legroom to keep you comfortable. Seat belts, comfortable headrests, and massive windows aid in offering a comfortable and enjoyable journey. You can book your tickets online for these coach buses by logging on to You can easily book your bus tickets on the interactive and user-friendly website of redBus, Malaysia.

The popularity of these coach buses has been a relief for government authorities as well. The number of vehicles on the road has reduced and road safety and security have also witnessed a substantial increase. The trained and experienced drivers of these buses ensure traffic rules are always followed.

Therefore, what is left for you to do is to just sit back and experience how these coach buses transform travel into a pleasant experience. Whether traveling alone, with family or friends, a comfortable and safe journey is assured. The ergonomically designed seats with LED reading lights, premium sound system, and even wireless internet will make your travel better than the best.

As you sit back and enjoy the ride, the coach buses will make a quick stopover where you can stretch your legs, enjoy the surroundings, grab a quick bite or relieve yourself in the washroom. The comfort and convenience of passengers is the main priority of coach buses.

Coach Buses in Malaysia

Passengers favor coach buses as it’s cheap, comfortable, and convenient. Presently, there are nearly 100 bus companies in Malaysia, covering about 200 towns and cities, including countries like Singapore and Thailand. Most of these bus operators offer convenience in terms of bus timings, fares, and ticket booking. With the availability of online booking, traveling has become much more comfortable.

Talking specifically about Malaysia, for coach buses, there are three main coach terminals namely Pudu Sentral, Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS), and Hentian Putra.

Pudu Sentral caters to buses for Ipoh, Penang, Cameron Highlands, Alor Setar, and Hatyai (Thailand). For buses to Melaka, Johor Bahru, and Singapore you have TBS, and for eastbound services like Kuantan and Kuala Terengganu, you should head to Hentian Putra.

Main Coach Bus Operators in Malaysia

Out of the 100 plus coach bus operators in Malaysia, the principal operators are:

  • Transtar Travel Pte. Ltd.
  • AeroBus
  • Eltabina Jaya Express
  • Five Star Tours
  • StarMart Express
  • Etika Express
  • Kesatuan Express

Transtar and AeroBus are amongst the prominent coach bus operators in Malaysia. With Transtar, you will find convenient bus timings and boarding points across Singapore and Malaysia while AeroBus offers its services on routes like Genting Highlands to Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya to KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport), and Klang to Kuala Lumpur.

Popular Routes Taken by Coach Buses

RouteAverage DurationFares
Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur02h 50mMYR 20.7
Johor to Kuala Lumpur03h 30mMYR 34.3
Malacca to Kuala Lumpur02h 00mMYR 10
Hatyai to Penang03h 50mMYR 55
Genting Highlands to Singapore05h 00mMYR 77.23


Q-1). What is the most convenient way to book a coach bus ticket?
A: You should either visit the website or download the official App of redBus on your mobile or tablet. Both the website and the App have features that are easy to navigate through and all required information has been made readily available for passengers. All that you need to do is login and fill the journey details like journey start point, destination, and date. Upon clicking the search button, you will see the list of buses available on the route and the tour operators. Select the coach bus that suits you in terms of timings and ticket prices. Select, make the payment, and you are done.
Q-2). Will the ticket prices on a particular route remain the same?
A: No, the ticket prices vary depending on the class of coach bus used. You can choose accordingly as per your choice.
Q-3). Can I book a seat on the coach bus as per my preference?
A: Yes, you can choose your preferred seat location on the bus depending on the availability of seats.
Q-4). Will there be sufficient space for my luggage on the coach?
A: Yes, luggage space is available for passengers to keep their luggage safely during the journey.
Q-5). What amenities are available on coach buses in Malaysia?
A: The amenities provided vary depending on the bus operator providing the coach bus on a particular route. Bus operators offer amenities such as Wi-Fi, AC, blankets, snacks, and much more on their buses.
Q-6). How big is a coach bus?
A: A coach bus can generally seat 45-57 people at once. The bus can extend to almost 45 feet in length.
Q-7). What is the difference between a Coach bus and a regular bus?
A: The main difference between a coach bus and a regular bus is the amenities and luxuries that you’d find on a coach bus. A regular bus is mainly used to ferry people over short distances or within the city. A coach bus is used to transport people over larger distances. In such cases, amenities are provided to ensure that every passenger feels comfortable on their journey.
Q-8). Do coach buses have bathrooms?
A: Yes, as coach buses are designed to transport people over large distances, coach buses do come with an on-board restroom. You can contact the operator directly or visit the official website of redBus to know more. If a coach bus does not come equipped with a restroom, the operator will ensure to include rest-stops on the journey.
Q-9). Can I charge my phone on a coach bus?
A: Most coach buses come with power outlets to charge your phone. These outlets are generally placed right beside every seat, making sure that passengers can access these ports easily.
Q-10). Do coach buses come with WiFi?
A: Yes, nearly every coach bus comes with WiFi that’s available throughout the trip. Do check the redBus website to know more about the amenities provided on a coach bus.
Q-11). What are coach buses? How is it any different from regular buses?
A: The basic underlying differences between a coach bus and a regular bus are the amenities provided by a coach bus. It is considered to be more luxurious in comparison to a regular bus and it generally runs between long distances. To ensure a good travel experience of a customer, various facilities and amenities are provided by a coach bus which makes the long and tiring journey a bit easier.
Q-12). Who are the main coach bus operators in Malaysia?
A: There are hundreds of coach bus operators in Malaysia. Out of them, some of the most famous coach bus operators are Transtar Travel Pte. Ltd., Aerobus, Eltabina Jaya Express, Five Star Tours, StarMart Express, Etika Express, and Kesatuan Express. They have a fleet of buses with boarding points across Singapore and Malaysia and are among the most trusted operators in the area.
Q-13). Is booking an online ticket and making online payment safe?
A: At redBus, we understand the concerns of our customers which motivates us to come up with solutions for the same. We promise you the highest safety and security standards and assure you that your information and personal details are safe and secure with us. Book your next bus ticket from redBus without any hesitation as we at redBus promise to keep your information safe and secure.
Q-14). Why should I choose a coach bus as the preferred mode of transportation over other modes of transport?
A: The other major modes of transport apart from a coach bus are taxis. While taxis have their own convenience and features, one of the major differences is the fare. Coach buses can be cost-effective when it comes to pricing and thus makes it a better and viable option for frequent commuters and tourists. On the luxury and amenities front, the coach buses provide almost the same comfort as private taxis.
Q-15). Can I have the seat of my choice on a coach bus?
A: Yes, you can have a seat of your choice in a coach bus but it entirely depends on the availability of the particular seat. We suggest that you book your ticket well in advance to get the seat of your choice and preference.


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